Friday, February 10, 2012

Pegasus--A Dragon's Tale...By Gina Lobiondo...This is my first review of a child's book, but I can say I did read a lot them to my children when they were younger. I really enjoyed this tale because I know If I was reading this to a child, their eyes would be wide open anticipating what was going to happen next on the following page.

The use of the cubs was, I thought, a good idea, because if there is one thing children like to see is friendly animals in their stories. This was a tug at the heart tale, with a just right story line and superb illustrating.

My daughter is having her first child very soon and this will be the first book on Henry's bookshelf!

Well Done! Gina!.....Terry Holt/ Coffee and a Good Book

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  1. Wow! thanks, Terry! So glad you enjoyed it and hope that little Henry does, too! Best wishes, Gina LoBiondo